About Us

Stepping Stones Daycare and Learning Center began in May 2011.  It was a long journey with many twists and turns, but with God’s help we finally opened in January 2012.  It has long been a dream to establish a daycare that would reach out to our community and serve parents as a support system.

Socialization_friendsOur daycare provides a safe, loving environment where learning through play is our main objective.   Our mission is to create a place where a child looks forward to coming each day and parents leave reassured that their children are in a safe, nurturing, learning environment.

SSDLC is a faith-based organization that seeks to provide children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years of age a safe, loving, nurturing environment with well designed areas to foster creativity, innovation and self-expression, to encourage respect for others through positive role modeling, to develop students who think for themselves and make wise choices each day.  Our teachers are caring, well qualified and receive ongoing training in an effort to provide the highest quality care for the children in our learning center.

Many have said it is important to find our “niche” and emphasize that while presenting the daycare to the others in our community.  It has been difficult to pinpoint our niche because there are so many good daycares in Albuquerque.  However,  I believe there is one thing that sets Stepping Stones Daycare and Learning center apart from others….we feel we are an extension of the family.

Our parents say they feel their children are in a loving and safe environment.  Many of our children do not want to go home at the end of the day because they love being at SSDLC.  Our teachers enjoy the children, the families and each other so much that they too linger at the end of the day visiting with each other and parents and it is a wonderful treat to have children come by the administration office each day to give us a hug goodbye!


The importance of play cannot be overestimated in the development of young children here at SSDLC. Learning basic skills is accomplished through both structured activity and play experience in a nurturing environment.  SSDLC will provide each child with attention and a secure environment where they can learn life lessons and educational skills as well as confidence and a healthy self-concept.

Involving families in our program is vital to children’s development.  Family involvement helps children, parents, and our staff make the strong connection between home and school.  We are an extension of the family, developing a partnership where sharing support, ideas and genuine love for children is of the utmost importance.  Parents are always encouraged to visit and participate in daycare activities.learn life lessons and educational skills as well as confidence and a healthy self-concept.

We encourage you to come and take a look at a daycare that will be a second home to your child.