At Stepping Stones, we know that even when kids are out of school, they still need a comfortable but stimulating environment. We’re devoted to providing safe, healthy, and fun recreational and educational opportunities for children!  We believe in offering positive, developmentally appropriate activities so that kids can learn, explore and grow.


You can relax knowing that your children are safe and supervised from the time they leave school until the time to go home.

Stepping Stones offers time for play and relaxed interaction with peers as well as time spent with teachers.  We recognize that kids time for physical play, time to relax and time for homework and educational activities. We provide homework and special activity assistance in order to help keep your kids on track


We offer special programs for school holidays, breaks and conference days.  Parents need not to worry about finding care, as stepping stones is always here to fulfill your needs

We provide healthy meals and snacks when kids are at the center, and we have a large playground area with ample playground equipment.