Infants and Toddlers


As an extension of the family all infants receive care from loving staff who attend to needs quickly.  Each infant and toddler is treated with the gentlest are and attention.  Each infant and toddler receives individual stimulation which helps with socialization and brain development.  The curriculum for infants and toddlers includes singing, reading, and dancing with infants.  
Infants are held as much as possible providing where by providing time for individual care and attention.  Many opportunities for learning and development are made possible each day.  Opportunities for social interaction, development and learning are provided through play.  Textures, colors, and developmentally appropriate toys are provided during these enriching play experiences that can happen throughout the day.

For toddlers additional positive stimulation is provided through climbing, tumbling, and other physical activities.  Arts and crafts and other toddler_artplayful games are utilized in a way to help infants and toddlers discover and explore the world around them.  Exercise and muscle building and development are imperative as children grow and develop and are an integral part each infant, toddler, and child’s daily activities. Weather permitting infants and toddlers are taken on short walks.

Every effort is made to provide individualized care for infants and toddlers that is as close to home as possible. This effort is made to help maintain and reinforce routines that are established in the family’s home.  This consistency provides consistency for the infant and toddler which helps with their well-being and adjustment from home to Steppingstones Daycare.

All meals are provided, however parents provide and supply formula.