As an extension of the family, we do our best to provide a safe and loving environment to all children in our care. We do our best to nurture a comfortable atmosphere that promotes learning and healthy development.

Play_sand_texture All the toddlers in our care are encouraged to explore the world around them through a variety of sensory settings.  We are always exploring new textures, color and smells through food during lunch and snack times as well as through the natural environment.  Each experience is capitalized on to provide a new and enriching learning experience for each of the children.  Experiential learning is particularly important especially during this time and stage of sensory development.

When creating and designing lesson plans, we keep in mind that the developmental needs of the children should be the core and basis of all activities. Fostering optimal development in each one of the toddlers is a priority. All of the games and even the simplest of activities are appropriate to the ages of the children.

Simple exercises and other muscle-building activities promote physical growth. By encouraging toddlers to move about and play within a safe environment, they will develop both healthier minds and bodies. Music may even be taken advantage of to inspire different movements in the children. Dancing to simple songs can contribute to a fun learning environment while still allowing the development of physical skills.

Speech and language development is encouraged by quality interaction between the teachers and students as well as among the students. Aside from forming meaningful relationships with each other, the children are also encouraged to be independent.

The community formed by the qualified staff serves as an extension of the family. They help parents to potty train their children.


The innovative staff also provides constant stimulation for the toddlers’ brain development. Creativity is important when establishing and fostering a rich environment of language, reading, textures, puzzles and other manipulative activities that the toddlers can appreciate and enjoy.

Through physical activities, toddlers can develop their gross motor skills such as balancing, coordination and muscle control. Aside from promoting motor development, imaginative free play such as climbing, jumping, hopping and tumbling can help develop social, emotional and cognitive skills.

Whenever the weather is nice enough, children may play outside in a safe, private and developmentally appropriate play area. Playing encourages the formation of friendships with play buddies. Outside, they may learn to appreciate and explore nature together. These activities support the children’s natural curiosity.


The staff can help the children find new objects and games to experience. These novelties can give children various opportunities to develop new skills and learn how to set goals, meet challenges and value practice. The caring staff can also guide the children in finding out what they love to do most among the many activities.

Healthy eating habits can start early. Healthy and delicious food and snacks that the children would love are needed for growth and development. Aside from this, meals can become an enjoyable part of the day by holding it in a family-like environment.